The Doctors

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Dr. Kenneth Davis, D.C.

Dr. Kenneth Davis is a 1996 graduate from Life College Marietta, GA

His techniques include the diversified method, and holds a certificate in acupuncture. Dr Davis is originally from New York. He moved to Palm Coast from South Florida in 2005, where he resides with his wife of 11 years and 2 children.

Dr. Ken is the master of making analogies. He enjoys golf, spending time with family & his dream car is a Camaro.

Dr. Samuel Kranz, D.C.

Dr. Samuel Kranz is a 2013 Graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic Port Orange, Florida.

His techniques include Palmer Package, GRASTON, Active Release Technique, SOT & Activator- Advanced Proficiency Rating

He enjoys fitness, cooking, relaxing with family & anything outdoors - fishing, diving, hiking. Fun fact – he played the saxophone in high school!

He is passionate about nutrition, exercises, food, progressive anti-aging techniques. He likes to live like a beast and have fun!